We are the Thought Leaders. A place where a Pride of Skillful and Passionate Technology Scientists build models and platforms that transforms how Businesses are conducted.

A place where People integrate with Technology through optimum Resource utilization. People with immense Integrity, we work for a long term relationship across board where Ethics, Trust and Integrity are the cornerstone to its existence. Based out of Technology hub of Delhi and Pune and having a Sales office in Greater New York City, PTR operates in the North American, Indian and Indo Pacific geographies.

Started its functions as Consultants and Servicing, PTR has grown to a Hi-Tech Solutions enterprise with trademark solutions in Business Transformation and Automation using Artificial Intelligence. Some of these are the finest in their class providing both Efficiency and Effectiveness in Business Process Optimization. Our Domain Knowledge coupled with Industry knowhow helps us to provide a Consulting environ in understanding of real problems.

Our Engagement and Delivery brings in immediate RoI along with Scalability and Consistency that provides PTR to being a Strategic Partner than just a Vendor.

The Team

Started its function as an Application Development working around the Offshore Eco-system for Microsoft Technology and Oracle, PTR over the last 3-4 years has grown in to a core CRM Knowledge Centre with deep rooted hands on Processes across Verticals and Domains.

Headquartered in New Delhi, PTR caters to Australia and India in the APAC to Middle East and Americas in the far West. The Executives of organization have a collective experience of 50 plus years and are a Subject Matter Expert in their respective roles. They come from varied backgrounds and leverage each other exceptionally as they work together on each project. This gives us the required perspective to setting up the right expectations.

A Pride’ of Talented and Rational Force precisely equipped to Deliver the Right Solution and Systems Consultancy. People who are full of positive energy even in difficult times; no matter how gloomy situations may appear. We believe that we have a solution for your needs and wants that effect your business and eventually your outlook. Cost, Quality and Ethics may have lost in today’s transitionary environ, PTR follows these principles like Religion. They are our foundation stones.

We encourage decent Work habits and perform basic Yoga before people start their day. We practice a culture where each one help each other and people are aware of their roles and expectations. Mentoring forms an important aspect and constant Skill and Knowledge development programs are scheduled where we improve as human beings and develop personally.

Our passion is to make you smile.

And the brand name says it all; its People’s Technology Resource


To Integrate People with Technology through Optimum Utilization of Resource; where Cost, Quality and Integrity are the cornerstone to its existence. To bring Technology and People closer to each other through reduced effort in Cost and Time with high Quality Deliverables in line with high Business Ethics that we have set for ourselves. To help Small and Medium Enterprises choose right solution thereby maximizing output and reach the desired Goals.

The Vision

To Create a Niche for the SME where they are able to make Smart Decisions to Achieve the Right Residue. To Understand the Customer’s Customers in attainment to our Vision to in providing that Right combination since mis-placed People-Technology-Resource could derail overall plans. Our Matra to Comprehend-Contemplate-Promise-Deliver assists us attaining the Mutual Goals in our Journey to reaching our Vision. Please feel free to Contact.

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