We provide C-level strategy and consulting services for technology-driven companies of all sizes and stages of expansion. We have particular expertise in guiding technology growth companies through their business development cycle, from financial modelling and IP initiatives to fund-raising preparation, product development, go-to-market strategies and intellectual capital development.

New technologies used to change how companies work: the right integrated system or cutting-edge software helped businesses to be faster, better, smarter. Today, new technologies have revolutionized how people connect, communicate, & consume, and is an enabler for new competitors with different business models and lower cost structures.

The challenge for companies is to stay current with these emerging technologies, investing wisely and with confidence in strategic options that create most value.

As a part of one of the things we do, we would talk to you as to how we can support you to reach out to your right set of prospects/audience. Your Sales people invest lot of their time in running after guys who may not be the right fit for your products and services. Our model eliminates the redundant effort and makes it impeccable. It reduces time and energy whereby reducing the sales cycle by about 50%. We do it by engaging your customers at a very early stage of the Sales Cycle. This increases the quality of the leads for the Sales Team to follow up and close deals.

Our Analysis of one of our customer project indicates a 60% increase in closures. The Dollar value of the benefit lies in Millions.

Our system is a simple to implement and easy to execute with results exemplary. It creates demand thereby letting you do the fulfillment. We do an in-depth research on your prospect through Account Profiling and distribute your sales content based on the research precisely to the precise set of people. We ensure that relevant material is delivered to the right people. Our Team at our India office in Delhi and Pune is equipped with the acumen needed to implement this strategy.

We do it by managing your Inside Sales operations that increases your productivity with lower costs. Right from Research which is the backbone of any Sales endeavor to Account Profiling, we provide your Sales team with critical Customer Intelligence. Our Integrated suite of Lead Generation that combines Market Research, Profiling, Phone calls and Email.

A smooth flowing end to end process from Content Creation to Distribution to the logical conclusion of being a Qualified Lead.

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