Technology Centre of Excellence


  • Productivity, Collaboration & Cloud – SharePoint, O365, .Net, Azure, Azure IoT suite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • CRM: Managed Microsoft, and Partner
  • Data & Analytics – MS SQL BI and Power BI
  • Enterprise Mobility – PhoneGap and Xamarin
  • Enterprise Security Management
  • Full-fledged Document Management System (Physical and Digital)


  • Business Apps development for Office 365, SharePoint Online and SharePoint on premise
  • Sales, Marketing and Customer Service CRM Deployment, Administration and Support
  • Intranet and Internet Portals: Comprehensive Intranet and Idea Management Portal on SP2013
  • Mobile productivity by leveraging SharePoint and Office 365 Mobile Solutions
  • Data Sciences: Analytics, Reporting & BI
  • Business Process Automation and Workflows
  • Line-of-business Application Integration
  • Migration (migrate enterprise contents from legacy platforms to SharePoint)
  • Web and Enterprise Content Management Solution Implementation
  • Full-fledged Document Management System (DMS) on SharePoint

Line of Business Apps and Solutions

  • Human Resource – Core HR functions automation, Time and Attendance, Recruiting & applicant tracking, Performance management & Evaluation, Policies & Procedures, Document management & retention and Learning management
  • Finance & Accounting – Accounting (no more time consuming email collaboration), Collaborative annual budgeting (real-time collaboration between multiple teams), Forecasting, Period closure, Expense processing & claim management and Reporting
  • Sales & Marketing – Client on boarding & sales purchase orders, Proposal & collateral management, Campaign management and Customer self-service
  • Operations – Inventory management, Expense management, Contract lifecycle management and Risk management
  • Purchase – Spend management, Inventory management, Global Supply Chain Management and E-procurement & Purchase Order Processing
  • IT – Change order requests, Department self-service and Help desk & IT Service Management
  • Mailing Suite - for Inbound Mail and Outbound Mail Tracking; primarily for Mailing and Printing Businesses
  • Intelligent Invoicing for Complete Automation of Order Management
  • Augmented Reality for Enterprise
  • Charge Back System: Prevents Charge back Frauds

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Sales automation solution
  • Marketing automation solution
  • Client service automation solutione
  • Extended CRM (xRM) - Dynamics CRM can be tailored to manage other business relationships
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