Helping Banking and Financial Institutes scale up Operations to Enhance Productivity through RPA and Smart Automation.


Inventory is an intrinsic part of the customer operations A Real Time System that would Record, Track and Trigger movement of Electronic Data as it goes through its logical cycle based on Business Rules and hierarchical norm.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

PTR’s EHR* and Information System helps increase Customer Intimacy through Cloud and Data Analytics Solution.


Automation of Pre-Tendering Process using Business Logic and Work Flow Management


Analytics helps achieve efficiency in Fleet Management. Locate your Assets real time and get maximum out of your Investment using Analytics


Mail Tracking System for Efficient, Accurate and Easy tracking of mail pieces

Oil and Gas

To transform seven business processes related to finance and human resources, including the procurement life cycle, hiring and turnover, asset planning and accounts receivables.

Event Management

Development and Implementation to automate their Site Workforce, Inventory/Stock and Account entries.


Transforming Business Operations using our Effective, Efficient and Affordable CRM Solution. Connect all Offices, Stock, Customers, Employees, Vendors seamlessly.


With PTR’s CRM Solution, achieve your Sales and Revenue goals. Never miss out on any opportunity. Automate your Value Chain and keep Customers, Vendors and Team members connected.

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