To cherish challenging situations and deliver outstanding value to our Customers is the fire within.

Our approach is simple and is tailor made for your specific needs. This is what we put on the table when you choose to work with us:
  • Commitment
  • Experience and Knowhow
  • Proven Track of Processes
  • Highest level of Ethics
  • Research and Innovation

We provide Solutions and Services in the areas of Knowledge Management where our People and Culture is our Strength. The Certified Consultants will guide you and also help you with devise your deployment strategy that goes a long way.

Our experience with around 100 projects of varied dimensions gives us the self confidence in our ability to execute projects within timelines and exceeding expectations. We have the best people that you would work with. We adhere to our Founding Philosophy to get on board people who have the right set of traits. The idea is to foster bond as a Culture where each one works for each one.

Bringing together different techniques necessary to build and deploy software, PTR relies on its in-house Subject Matter Expertise in providing Consultancy and that’s the differentiator.

Experience: Since 2014, we have delivered 50+ successful projects, all of which are backed by strong customer references. Our team of 30+ Consultants and Experts have more than 100,000 man hours of Project Management experience.

Affordable: All of our clients get the attention they deserve without the overhead and bureaucracy of larger consulting companies. We combine onshore-offshore delivery to cut delivery costs without compromising the quality.

Flexible: We give our clients the flexibility to choose from day one exactly how they would like to work with us. Our services range from a single resource to a full-scale turn-key outsourcing solution.

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