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As your Software and Technology Solution ally, we facilitate your growth by bringing in great opportunities through Efficiency and Customer Intimacy. We do it through an amalgam of Man and Machine where Tasks and Activities synchronize with each other giving best possible results in Timely and Effective way.

If the last 2000 years witnessed the taming of Animals, the next few centuries would be the age of taming Machines through the use of Smart Automation and Artificial Intelligence. PTR is up to it and is on its way to be a leader in new age CRM cum line of Business Apps using Intelligent Automation (IA) techniques.

In this age of Sci-Fi Technology where tasks and actions are moving to Autobots, an incorrect solution could be dooms for the business. Only hard Task Masters who have the correct understanding can truly implement the right solution. That’s what we aspire to be! We do it through Process Optimization by Following not the Thumb Rule but what the situation demands. We operate on Best Industry Practices and have devised and Implemented our own Systems too.

We are originally BPM people serving fellowmen in the Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Ops and Finance & Accounts among others. We help our people not only save more dollars but also serve more customers with enhanced sales. It is high time businesses realize the importance of revisiting the Marketing and other Processes and acknowledge the certain areas of improvement.

Started its functions as a BPM and CRM Consulting firm, PTR has grown in to a Core Knowledge Center for Business Transformation Solutions. From AI driven Smart Automation and Process Engineering to CRM and Data Sciences, our Flagship Model creates a beautiful Symphony that integrates each activity and is a joy to watch Man and Machine work in Complete Harmony.

Innovation Excellence

A Business Process Automation Authority Agency that covers every aspect of business function from Tasks to Activities to Action. It is an Idea that is put into fast track, derived out of simple Common Things and Sense. We survive on Logic and the Laws that govern it.

Started its function as an Application Development working around the Offshore Eco-system, PTR over the last 2 years has grown in to a core Knowledge Centre with deep rooted hands on Processes across Verticals and Domains.

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Over the years we have developed and supported some of the top class Solutions in the areas of Business Process Management covering all aspects of Enterprise Planning. From Order Management to Procurement to Supply Chain to Inventory to Finance & Accounts to Data Analytics. Many of them have been business transforming ones where we were able to not only save millions but also able to effectively transform work flows providing a better visibility to operations and hence better results.

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